What are the reasons for oily hair?

The oily type is hair that needs to be washed again by the end of the first or second day. Usually, by this time the hair becomes greasy. If you’re tired to wash your natural hair every day (even using keratin shampoo and conditioner), check out this article and find out the possible reasons for oily hair!

Oily hair is a result of excessive secretion of the scalp's sebaceous glands. However, hair can be oily only at the roots, while the whole length and ends can be rather dry.

Before choosing any treatment for oily hair, one should understand the causes of excess oiliness. It can be either a permanent problem, or it can be a temporary condition that can be corrected (in most cases).

 - Genetic predisposition. Simply put, oily hair is often inherited along with our skin type or hair color. Try keratin hair treatment or botox hair treatment that will make your hair look neater.

 - Hormonal disorders (most often they occur during menopause or puberty).

 - Bad habits. Improper nutrition (fatty, spicy, salty, smoked food) and alcohol stimulate the sebaceous glands. Besides, such factors can become a cause of hair breakage! We should also mention smoking: it disrupts the natural process of blood circulation.

 - Improper hair care. While trying to get rid of excessive oiliness, many women over-dry their scalp and hair, which only worsens the problem. Oily hair and scalp need hydration as well (try keratin treatment at home, for example)!

 - Lack of vitamins and minerals.  For healthy hair, you need to regularly eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish, as well as follow a drinking regimen. Just remember how many glasses of water did you drink today?
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