What do you need to know before getting a Brasil Cacau Keratin Treatment?

Brazilian keratin straightening is a popular haircare procedure that gives shine and smoothness to the locks. At the same time, the amazing effect can last up to 6 months! If you want to try this treatment, but still have some doubts, then check out our tips and recommendations that will be useful right before the procedure! 

1. Keratin straightening does NOT worsen the hair condition! The hair consists of more than 80% keratin. When the hair becomes thinner, it becomes porous and brittle. Keratin, along with proteins and nutrients, fills the hair scales, restoring its structure. 

 2. It’s much better if you perform hair bleaching and dyeing before keratin treatment. As the bleaching substance, enriched with hydrogen peroxide is very aggressive to your hair, it will just destroy the protective keratin coating, and there will be no effect at all. Experts believe that hair bleaching should come before hair treatment. 

 3. In order to prevent keratin from being washed off for as long as possible, we  recommend to use sulfate-free shampoos. They don’t contain aggressive washing agents. 

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