What hair style to advices the client on Valentine's Day?

Many hairstylists ask themselves: how to offer the client the keratin straightening procedure? We understand their worries, so in this article, you will find the right answer. Keep on reading!

Sometimes clients say something like, "The keratin straightening procedure will ruin my hair and it will become worse after the effect will disappear.”

Let's dispel this belief with facts regarding keratin hair straightening. The first rule of the hairstylist before the procedure itself: check-up of the client’s hair condition. So, the client arrives at the hair salon for the keratin straightening procedure. The first task of the master when meeting with the client is to evaluate the condition of the hair and, if necessary, suggest another procedure. Since the hair pictures that the clients usually send the stylist before the procedure cannot show the actual degree of damage (because it's just a picture) and condition of the hair, the hairstylist should always do it himself.

The results of hair check-up help to determine the final composition that will be applied to the client’s hair. Since different compositions have different properties, like straightening, nutrition, hydration, you have to make a perfect mixture according to the type of client’s hair.

The use of popular and proven products attracts clients pretty much and helps to win their trusts as well. One of the best keratin products is Brasil Cacau. Brasil Cacau has an advanced composition. Right after the procedure, you are free to wash and blow-dry your hair, visit saunas and swimming pools, while your hair remains smooth and incredibly shiny.

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