What is a Marketing Strategy and Why Should I Have It?

The success of your beauty salon determines how effectively you are doing marketing which is basically attracting and retaining customers. Unfortunately, the average head of a beauty salon usually doesn’t pay enough attention to it. As a result, the salon has problems with employees and turnover. Therefore, amid all other business activities, marketing actions are rather spontaneous and episodic.
Let’s start from the beginning. What is the marketing plan? The marketing plan is just what the head of the beauty salon needs in order to systematize all the marketing activities of the salon and move along the path of success without being distracted by unimportant matters. This guarantees the salon constant development and revenue growth. If you carry out hair smoothing treatment and hair keratin, a good marketing plan will allow you to expand your services and perform, for example, botox hair treatment to repair heat-damaged hair.
The main reason for creating a beauty salon marketing plan
The marketing plan will allow you to definitely increase your revenue by at least 30% every quarter. Of course, the word "definitely" can be used only if at least 85% of the planned actions are implemented. A marketing plan can also become your competitive advantage over other beauty salons just because 99% of them even don't have one!
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