What is a Smoothing Treatment; Who is it For?

This therapy aims to cure the damaged zones upon the chemical treatment of hair, using keratin. 

Keratin constitutes a key protein, highly required for hair treatment. The reasons it may me demanded are often the age, incorrect use of chemical services or just cosmetics. Keratin therapy delivers the protein back in your hair, covering it with the additional layer, while making it stronger and shinier.

What does a keratin therapy encompass?

Keratin therapy itself requires a lot of time, covering multiple stages. If you are going to start doing this procedure, you were better not to plan anything beforehand, given that you probably won’t be on time.

To start the procedure itself, first you have to wash your hair overall and then to proceed to the therapy process. The stylist applies the keratin in the form of serum to each of your hair lock. Then upon heating your hair starts getting straight and smooth. Then your hair need to get shampooed and then dried once again.

Is keratin therapy intended for hair straightening?

Probably, it would be one of the biggest wrong idea, that it is just a straightening procedure. Indeed, the procedure involves the hair relaxation, smoothing and frizz, what actually makes it easier to get straightened. Moreover, following a procedure your hair will become straight up to the next wash.

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