What Is Hair Straightening Shampoo Useful For?

Keratin shampoo and conditioner are the best things if you want your hair to be as shiny and nourished as when you just left the beauty salon. However, in the case of Basil Cacau kera therapy, you have everything you need right in the BR kit!
Brasil Cacau is a professional keratin treatment for curly hair presented by Cadiveu professionals. This product is suitable for all hair types, especially curly and wavy hair. The composition including keratin, cacao, and D-panthenol restores the hair by increasing its strength and elasticity, improving the hair structure, saturating the hair with keratin, and covering it with a protective layer of protein. No more heat-damaged hair and dead hair ends!
The professional kit includes Anti Residue Shampoo (Cleansing Shampoo). Use it to deeply cleanse and open up the hair cuticles, which contributes to the penetration of active ingredients. The shampoo creates the base for further steps.
The Deep Conditioning Mask will make your hair super soft and shiny even after the first application! It nourishes and moisturizes hair without making it heavier. Works in 3-5 minutes to eliminate the cause of hair damage.
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