What is the best temperature to flat iron natural hair?

It is essential to choose the right flat iron to get the best results from your keratin therapy. Flat ironing requires high level of heat which is necessary for sealing keratin into your hair. This will ensure the wonderful shine and silky smooth look. 

When hot hair iron is used to seal a keratin treatment onto the shaft of the hair, the flat iron ought to be constructed with the use of titanium plates. You should also make sure that your iron heats up to 450°F as well as display and controls are easy to read. It is also important to manage to adjust flat iron temperatures.

Titanium can also reach up to the high temperature within a few seconds. This element is inert. It will not interact with any other styling products. Titanium is also perfect for retaining heat better than ceramics. It even offers heat distribution. The titanium plates retain the consistent heat levels when straightening starts. The result will be the perfect finish and unbeatable hair shine.  

The flat iron should reach 450 °F for the keratin treatment to be activated. In the course of the treatment, a flat iron is important to maintain the temperature set without heat fluctuation. The same flat iron can be used after applying the keratin treatment. When styling hair, it is not necessary to go over 400 degrees.

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