What is the best way to grow a hair extensions business?

So, you decided to start the hair extensions business. Congratulations! Clip-on hair extensions are one of the hottest hair industry trends nowadays! Lots of celebrities use it, for example, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Eva Longoria, and so many others. How can you start? We have all the answers!



  1. Consider your budget. You can work in many different segments, from economy class to super-premium. Calculate all the costs and find out a niche that will be the most suitable for you. 


  1. Find a manufacturer and a supplier. This is usually a single factory. Visit different factories, check out the examples. Try to get the best quality you can. 


  1. Decide whether you would like to start a hair extension salon, a shop or you will sell your products online. This is very important, as you will have to incur different costs. See point 1 again!


  1. Involve influencers. Of course, you know that each business needs some PR and advertising. Use the power of influencers! We recommend you work with Instagram influencers as this social network works with pictures, which is exactly what you need! You don’t have to strive for cooperation with super popular influencers who have more than 1 million subscribers. Start from those having 50-150 k.


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