What kind of hair is suitable for Thermal Reconditioning

This kind of treatment can be applied to any type of hair provided you had consulted your stylist. Despite the common notion that thermal reconditioning will not work for the colored and highlighted hair, this is not true. The product delivers amazing results for both. 


Type 1. Straight hair

This hair type can be further divided into another three groups:

Type 1A: thin, soft and shiny hair.

Type 1B: a bit thicker than Type 1A.

Type 1C: coarse and very resistant to styling.


Type 2. Wavy hair

Wavy hair that is not too dry falls under this category.

Type 2A: thin, soft and easy to style. Can be straightened and curled.

Type 2B: slightly wavy hair that usually adjusts to the shape of your head.

Type 2C: frizzy and coarse.


Type 3. Curly hair

A clearly visible ‘S’ twist. Curly hair is almost never as shiny as straight or wavy hair can be.

Type 3A: thin and loose.

Type 3B: moderately curly hair that is shaped in ringlets or spirals.

Type 3C: is not included in this classification. Refer to the appropriate sections of this site to find out more.


Type 4. Kinky hair

Kinky hair is characterized by tight curls. This hair type is very frail and coarse, although it may also come in nice strands of thin hair bundled together. This hair type is most commonly found among Africans.

Type 4A: Reminds much of curly hair (Type 3).

Type 4B: The hair curls up unpredictably, often at the unusual angles.

Type 4C: is not included in this classification. Refer to the appropriate sections on this site to find out more.


Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment for All Hair Types

Brazilian keratin treatment is an acceptable option for most hair types. It also produces excellent results for moderately curly hair. Keratin wraps up the hair as opposed to breaking the hair structure. This has both benefits and drawbacks. Your hair will stay healthy, but stronger curls will be hard to style. The hair that was previously exposed to some kind of styling will benefit more.

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