What Not To Do After Your Keratin Treatment

Even if your personal hairdresser advised you something on your hair care following a keratin therapy, it wouldn’t hurt to mention some of the tips, you might haven’t heard before.

1. Stop using low-cost shampoos. Be smart, when you are going to purchase the shampoo and conditioner. Since after keratin therapy your hair requires just costly products to maintain the resulting effect. One more reason, you should get rid of the low-cost hair cosmetics is that such products contain salt (sodium chloride) and sulfates, which ruin the keratin coating and effect your hair, making it dry.

2. Stop using the shampoos with a cleansing effect. It is actually good to use the shampoos with cleansing effect before starting keratin therapy, given that they are quite helpful in removing the deposits and premises from your hair, as well as in the improvement of its absorbing power. However, following a keratin therapy such type of shampoos will just remove the keratin layer in the same way, as it would do with the residues. If you steel demand the use of cleansing shampoo, you have to wait 3 weeks at the very least to start its weekly usage.

3. Stop frequent wash of your hair. Yes, the frequent hair wash doesn’t effect the overall state of your hair in some positive way. Use the dry shampoo instead to prevent the gradual wash out of keratin from your hair.

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