What offers will lead more customers?

Special offers and promotions are the tools that are aimed at attracting customers to the beauty salon. In this article, we will review the most effective tools and the ways of how they work.

  1. Permanent loyalty program.

Such a tool won’t provide you an instant effect, but it will be a good incentive in order to support your customers. Provide the customer with the opportunity to get a loyalty card. After each procedure done in your salon, the client will receive some bonus points. If a client has such a card, it will be beneficial for him to come to your salon even for the procedures that he never did. Why not, if at the end of the month he has enough points for a free manicure?

  1. Give a 25% discount to each new client.

The most difficult thing is to change the habit, even if it is the habit of going to the same beauty salon. We mean the salon of your competitor on a market, of course. A nice discount can make the client think - maybe it’s worth a try? If all goes well, the client can stay with you forever. Especially if you will give him a loyalty card.

  1. Novelties of the beauty industry

New procedures and products are the ultimate things that attract the client. Exclusive treatments are a key to the success of a beauty salon. One of the exclusive treatments can be Brasil Cacau keratin treatment. The Brasil Cacau complex is the best complex of keratin hair straightening and restoration, treating your hair with maximum care and providing perfect protection against negative factors. This innovative procedure will win the hearts of your clients!

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