What procedures for hair should not be done in winter?

Winter is a rather stressful time of the year for the human body as a whole, including hair in particular. There are procedures aimed at maintaining healthy hair in the cold season. Besides, it is quite important to remember that some procedures are better not to be done in the winter. We will talk about them in this article.

  1. Perm. This procedure weakens the hair shaft, thins the hair and makes it dry. Dry hair is more likely to break due to friction against the hat and clothes. Besides, dry hair becomes extremely electrified. We strongly recommend you do perm in a warm time of the year.

  1. Hair lamination.

The film created on the surface of the hair during lamination is very dense, so it does not allow nutrients from the mask or conditioner penetrating into the hair. Nutrition is an essential thing for hair in the winter, do not deprive your hair of this.

  1. Hair polishing.

Many people do polishing in order to make their hair look nice and grow the desirable length faster. However, in the end, they get the opposite effect. The fact is that the small hairs (which everyone takes for split ends) are actually new, regrowing hair. At the end of the procedure, you get the effect of mirror-smooth hair, but it will look like this until the first hair wash. In winter, this effect is worsened by wearing hats.

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