What Star Wars hairstyles can I offer my clients?

May the 4th is an international Star Wars day all over the globe! This day means wearing some nice costumes, inspired by Star Wars, as well as making hairdos that a favorite character has! Being a hairstylist, do you have any ideas on what Star Wars hairdos you can offer to your customers? If you are still at a loss, we are here to give you some useful tips! 


 - Princess Leia. Two-sided buns. It’s a nice hairdo for ladies who have long hair. This hairdo can be done pretty simply. Make a parting in the middle of your head, and divide your hair into two equal sections. Using hairband, make two high ponytails. Twist ponytails and make buns, secure them with hairpins. 


 - Padmé. A fantasy curly bun. This hairdo will also look best on ladies with long hair. Make a high ponytail with a tie, then separate it to small locks. Twist each lock in a curl, using some hair gel of hair spray for fixation. Using hairpins, pin each lock around the ponytail’s tie. Don’t be afraid of being a little messy. 


 - Rey. A triple bun hairdo. Guess what? It’s for long hair again! Take a lock of hair above your forehead and smooth it back. Now take two small locks of hair above each of your ears. Divide your third hair lock on the top using the tail from your front section. Tie it up just like a small ponytail. Before you will make the last tie, don’t tie it tightly, leave it in a medium-sized bun just like the one that Rey has. 

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