What to do if after the keratin is peeled and itches the scalp?

The appearance of dandruff and allergic reactions on the scalp occurs due to the incorrectly performed procedure. It is necessary to deviate from the roots of the head at least 1,5-2 cm. The keratin shouldn’t be applied to the roots.

If the client has an allergic reaction, the procedure shouldn’t be repeated in no case!

Otherwise, already irritated scalp will be more sensitive to allergies. How to fix it: invite the client to the salon and apply a moisturizing mask or cream containing a moisturizing component for the scalp. At home, you can apply a large amount of conditioner to the hair and scalp and hold about 5 minutes.

This procedure you can do 2 times a week.

Then the burn will come down and the client will run out of trouble.

In no case don’t repeat the procedure and don’t stain the roots of the hair until the moment the burn doesn’t pass (1-2 weeks).

To ensure that keratin straightening does not end badly, the following precautions should be observed:

Carry out this procedure only by salon specialists, whom you trust.

Keratin straightening should only be carried out in a room with good ventilation located directly above your chair.

To dissolve keratin, water can’t be used, otherwise the procedure will become useless, since this protein breaks up.

After the product has been applied to the hair, it cannot be dried with hot air, otherwise it may start to fall out profusely due to structural failure.

When applying the product, make sure that it doesn’t touch the scalp, otherwise irritation may occur.

And the last warning – don’t abuse this procedure, so as not to destroy the structure of your hair. You can repeat this procedure not more than once every 3 months.

Thus, we found out what consequences may occur after keratin straightening. These recommendations will help you avoid many health problems and with the hair that may arise due to this procedure. Naturally, the decision to carry out keratin straightening or not, it always depends on you.

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