What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment

It is accepted to shampoo hair with a special clarifying shampoo allowing to get rid of interfering residues and make the way for keratin solution.

The hair ought to be blow-dried. It is necessary to apply the solution section by section.

Usually, there is a wait time in the course of which the solution dissipates into the hair. This will be estimated judging by the length and thickness of hair. 

After this, the hair is blow-dried once more. Then it is flat-ironed so that it will seal in the cuticles.

The whole process can typically take from 2 to 4 hours.

In some cases, the treatment may not end in the salon. Depending on the involved brand and technology, it is possible to ask customers to wait 72 hours before the hair will be wetted, shampooed or twisted. The keratin has more to go inside the hair in the course of this time. In other cases, the hairs can be rinsed and finally blow-dried in the salon. 

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