When can I dye my hair after keratin?

One has to remember that right after the keratin hair treatment, locks shouldn’t be subjected to any physical and chemical influences. You can't wash your hair, do hairstyles, use heat-devices. If you break this rule, there will be no expected result. Performing keratin treatment on colored hair is considered a more favorable option. With the help of keratin straightening, the color will be sealed inside the hair and its vividness will last longer.


However, in this case there are some peculiarities. If you want to dye your hair in any dark shade, then at least 10 days should pass before keratin. If you want to  achieve light shades, then the keratin straightening procedure can be carried out no earlier than 20 days later. After highlighting, you’ll have to wait for 30 days in order to safely perform keratin hair treatment. We recommend choose ammonia-free hair dyes.


If you don’t violate the time period between procedures, the result will surprise you. The hair dye won’t do much harm to the hair. At the same time, keratin will help your new hair color to look more intense and impressive.

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