Which Styling Products to Use after Keratin Treatment

1. Can I dye my hair after straightening it? Yes. We recommend doing this two weeks after the keratin treatment. But, of course, it is better to dye your hair prior to straightening it.

3. Is it possible to tangle the hair? Yes, it is. Just remember that tying the hair, especially if it is tight, makes it a little weaker. Also, traces of rubber bands can remain on the hair, but are removed after washing or blow-drying.

4. What should I do if my hair got wet after treatment, but before I washed it for the first time, and I didn’t use special care products? It is necessary to dry your hair as soon as possible. When the hair gets wet, it begins to rebuild, and you need to return it to the structure that formed after straightening. For this, home care is needed, which maintains and preserves the hair structure. If your hair is very wet, then use a hairdryer for quick drying, and then apply Acai oil for better restoration and preservation of the structure.

5. Can hair spray, serum, mousse, or other styling products be used after straightening? Yes, of course.
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