Who can help in creating a salon

We know that opening a beauty salon from the scratch can be really hard, especially if you didn’t have any business experience previously. How can you avoid all pitfalls and save both money and your psychological well-being? We recommend you to use the services of a special consultant who can professionally lead you in the world of big business!In fact, a consultant can help you to solve a very broad range of tasks that pretty often you can’t manage on your own due to the lack of experience. To speed up the process of building a salon business, you can use the services of qualified specialists who, within the framework of a contract for the provision of consulting services, will help you to: - develop a beauty salon concept; - help you to choose the right premise offered by a real estate agency and to make an express assessment of it; - to develop an architectural and planning solution for a beauty salon; - to develop a business model and a price list of salon services; - to select equipment and suppliers of this equipment; - to choose professional product lines and consumables; - to train staff (salon manager and receptionists); - to develop and conduct events to attract customers (organize a presentation of a beauty salon); - to choose effective ways to promote a beauty salon; - to advise on any issues arising at the stage of formation and development of a beauty salon (including within 3 months after the opening of the salon).
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