Why is Japanese straightening is not a popular

We have already written lots of articles about Brazilian hair straightening, which is the most popular hair straightening procedure nowadays. However, there is another option, which isn’t that popular today. Have you ever heard of Japanese hair straightening? If no, then this article is just for you, keep on reading!

Japanese hair straightening was very popular in 1990-2000 in the USA, particularly in New York. It was the first permanent hair straightening procedure that ensured permanent hair smoothness, well, at least until grow outs start to show. In fact, the Japanese procedure in its performance resembles Brazilian much, but there are several peculiarities, due to which Japanese hair straightening lost its popularity:

 - Japanese hair straightening can’t be applied to weak or thin hair, because the chemicals and heat used in this procedure are too harsh for such type of hair.

 - Japanese hair straightening is a time - consuming procedure. In the case of long and thick hair, it may take 8 hours in order to finish the procedure!

 - The chemicals of the Japanese straightening composition open and break hair cuticles, which damages hair.

All in all, Brazilian hair straightening is a much more advanced and safe procedure,  which allows not just to achieve a perfect result but save the client’s time!

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