Why isn’t your hair growing?

Permanent stress, and bad ecology can greatly affect the state of an organism as a whole. Burning sun, strong wind. But, saving the beauty and magnificence of the haircuts in this case is much easier. It is important to choose the right care here.

Basic tips

Use only high-quality and proven shampoos, other cosmetics. Moisturize your scalp, feed your hair. It is desirable to choose combos made from natural materials.

Long combing, contrary to advice, turns out to be not so helpful. It helps hair to fall out.

Take vitamin complexes. Today, there is a huge selection available. 

Proper nutrition--by adhering to it, it will be possible to improve many important processes that occur in the body. Try to include in the diet fish, nuts, and olive oil.

The use of hair styling devices should be kept to a minimum. Head massage can improve the flow of blood. That will help to nourish hair with useful substances and oxygen.

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