Why Keratin is Important for Hair Growth?

Your hair isn’t healthy when it doesn’t produce the needed amount of keratin. It usually happens because of mutated or defected hair follicles. Your body works for you being healthy, so its defense system eliminates the defected keratin.

If your hair follicle is not ok, there are lots of chances that your hair will fall out with the defected keratin. This is called hair loss. This process will continue and one day you will see that your hair rapidly falls out. What should you do then?

Keratin is one of the essential components for hair growth. Keratin can be consumed by a well - balanced diet or a good meal plan. Add the following foods to your daily diet: sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs, and mangoes. Nevertheless, such foods can’t fully provide you with the essential amount of keratin. Keratin should be combined with vitamins and minerals like vitamins B and C, sulfur and zinc for its better work for your hair and health.

Working together with these elements keratin helps follicles to scatter all over your dermis properly.

One of the best and easiest ways to get enough proteins to your hair are keratin products and treatments. Such products bring keratin to your hair and fully protect it.

Some of the keratin products for your damaged hair are given below.

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