Why love Star Wars? How to use this for hair stylists?

Nowadays Star Wars saga is super popular, so there is no surprise that people want to express their fandom via their hair, creating the most unusual hairdos. It is especially relevant on May the 4th, which is an international Star Wars day! How can you use it for beauty salon purposes? Here are some tips!


 - Offer your clients a week of Star Wars hairdos from May 3rd to May 10th. This special week will be fully dedicated to the Star Wars day and the characters of this world-famous saga. 


 - Make a nice discount for the true fans of the saga. Offer them a 15% discount on the Star Wars hairdo if they show you their fan collection: CDs, pictures, books, it can be literally whatever. 


 - Decorate your beauty salon. Remember such remarkable Star Wars locations like Yavin 4 Rebel Base, Tattooine desert, Jedi Temple. Coruscant and so much more. You have plenty to choose from taking into account your budget and the overall interior design of the salon. It may cost a good amount of money, but with the right promo of your salon, you will be rewarded with many Star Wars fans coming to your salon.


 - There is a more saving but still a nice decorating option which is Star Wars-themed paper cups and paper garlands. Just be creative and everything will be fine! 

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