Why Scalp Care is Important?

We’ve already written tons of articles about hair care and different treatments and procedures that make your hair look beautiful and healthy. However, true hair health starts from the scalp. In this article, we will tell you why the hair scalp is of great importance when it comes to hair care. Keep on reading!
You have to understand that hair conditioners and masks act on the hair surface. The condition of hair follicles and scalp determine the duration of the growth phase. That is why all the tactics of trichological treatment are aimed at the improvement of the scalp condition and regulation of the sebaceous glands’ activity. Only by solving these issues, you can move on to aesthetic issues.
The hair cortex, which is hair shaft, consists of dead keratinized cells. There are two ways on how you can literally erase years of hair damage and restore hair health: it’s either cutting your hair or gluing the cuticle scales. The second works well with any balm, mask, or leave-in product, and it doesn't matter if it contains cheap silicones, expensive vegetable waxes, oils, or silk hydrolyzates. The principle of action in all cases is the same: these ingredients form a lipid film on the hair, which will smooth the scales and give hair desired shine because the light will be reflected better from a flat surface. However, the effect will last only until the next hair wash.
It is bad for the scalp to remain greasy and dirty for a long time. At the same time, it is important to let the sebaceous glands produce sebum. That is, it‘s recommended to wash your hair as it gets oily. Does your scalp tend to be oily or dry? In both cases, you only have to choose the right hair care!
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