Will a keratin treatment make your hair straight?

First of all, let’s find out what keratin itself is. Keratin is a fibrillar protein and is part of the stratum corneum of hair, nails, and skin. Together with keratin, hair consists of some other nutrients, such as proteins with other formulas, which complete the entire human hair. In essence, this remedy can be called some kind of “liquid hair”, since it can restore your hair and favorably affect the structure of the hair shaft, stratum corneum, and follicles.

90% of our hair is a dense keratin protein, so when you undergo keratin treatment and hair straightening, the molecules of the product provide a seal to this protein, thereby increasing the resistance function of hair.

In general, women who undergone keratin straightening, are very satisfied with the results, because of the extreme softness, silkiness and other amazing effects of the procedure on hair. Indeed, after this procedure, hair is easily combed, it becomes elastic, the hair color becomes more vibrant and shiny. Hairstyling takes significantly less time than before. After such a procedure, your hair has a pristine shine and smoothness. The joy of perfect hair lasts about three-four months, or even more. In fact, reviews about keratin straightening are generally encouraging, but you should still be very careful. Don’t undergo any cheap keratin procedures. Be attentive to the composition and discuss it with the hairstylist, if needed.

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