Worse things you can do to your hair!

Use old hairbrushes

Between the teeth of the comb, microbes and bacteria accumulate that can harm the scalp and, as a result, the hair. And yet, after each session of combing, be sure to remove the hairs remaining on your brush, and once a week carefully brush the comb with shampoo and baking soda. Trichologists also advise never to lend your comb - even to your best friend!

Too tight tighten gum

A scrunchy, of course, is necessary in everyday life, but it can also harm your hair. If you make the tail too tight, the blood circulation to the scalp is disturbed, and this can lead to increased hair loss.

Rarely cut hair

Stylists often tell their clients that hair needs to be cut at least once every two months. And most girls amicably neglect this rule! The trouble is that the stronger the ends are split, the weaker your hair becomes in general, it especially lacks moisture and nutrition. Therefore, if you want your hair to always be healthy and shiny, regularly trim the tips.

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