WOW: folk recipes for hair strengthening!

Of course, we got used to the fact that it’s so easy to just buy a great shampoo, mask, conditioner, or to visit a hair salon where you can get a modern treatment… However, our grannies didn’t always have an access to such products. They used folk recipes! These super affordable home care remedies can make your hair look amazing! Are you interested? Keep on reading! 

Home hair care products prepared according to our grandmother’s recipes can not only supplement professional treatments but even replace them (of course, only if you have relatively healthy hair!).

Usually folk treatments for hair growth include decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. Here’s one of the most popular: 

 - Chamomile decoction. Take two tablespoons of dried chamomile and add a glass of hot water. Wait until it gets cold and filter the decoction. Rinse your hair with this super healthy and organic cocktail after washing your hair. Do it regularly at least twice a week to see the amazing results! 

You know what? Here’s another one recipe just for you - now it’s a hair mask!

  - The easiest homemade hair mask for hair shine is the mask with egg yolk. It contains vitamins A, B, and E. Amino acids and lecithin perfectly nourish, moisturize and restore even severely damaged hair. For maximum effect, we recommend you mix the egg yolk with natural oil (such as olive, avocado, or jojoba). This mixture should be applied to the hair 30-40 minutes before washing it off. 

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