Your instagram hair looks in spring

The spring of 2020 is definitely the bangs season: you can choose many options, starting from elongated French bangs to ultrashort boyish option. The only bang that isn’t that trendy is the diagonal option. It looks very old - fashioned and barely suits anyone.


Short haircuts will also be super popular. Stylists highly recommend you trying retro, pixie, Garson, Gavroche, and bob haircuts. However, the elongated options of these cuts will be trendy as well: elongated bob, cascade and different variations of cuts with bangs look more elegant than their short options.


The most stylish short haircuts for spring are a bob haircut. Try it if you have blond hair with ashy shades or if you are a brunette preferring the frosty chestnut shade. You can ask your stylist to add some gray strands for the most trendy effect. The most important thing for this haircut is volume and beautiful texture.


Among the key trends of this spring is a pixie haircut. It is easy to style this cut in many different ways. For this bold haircut choose a bright hair color such as purple or red.


Garson haircut is also a hot trend of spring 2020. This haircut perfectly refreshes the whole look and accentuates your facial features. It’s suitable for owners of any hair color. You can choose the option with or without bangs.


For long hair and medium length hair, there are also many trendy options. The main trend is naturalness and lightness.  The hairstyle should look like you just woke up and did not put extra effort into hair styling.


The most beautiful haircut of spring 2020 is a shag. This option will perfectly complement the balayage or ombre options of hair color. The perfect styling of such a haircut is loose beach curls. Stay natural and be trendy!


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