What you should not do in communication with your salon clients

There are 3 more C’s that may help you deal with an upset customer.
Curse: Avoid any curse, even when you are very angry and disagree with the customer. Don’t let negative emotions come over you as this can lead to unfavorable consequences.

Correct: Keep in your mind the phrase: “Would you rather be right, or happy?” It can help in you many difficulties that occur in any relationships. For example, if a customer is upset and explains to you the reason, which seems to be inaccurate, try to understand the guest instead of saying that he or she is wrong. It’s also advised to ask many questions that will lead customers to accuracy.

Condescend: Nobody likes when people talk to them in a condescending manner. So do your best to treat people the way you want to be treated. Try to understand people. Remember that when customers show their negative attitude to you, it means they are personally unhappy for a certain reason. Thus, feel sorry for them and their inner problems, ask questions, keep calm and try to find a win-win together.
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