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Bringing your A-Game as a stylist takes some self-evaluation. The hard truth is something that many people can’t take.

Is it easier to walk away from a challenge or stand up take it head on? It depends right. What if you have 3 slow days in the salon, with little to no clients? What if the salon you are working in doesn’t fit into your overall goal? Do you feel the constant pressure of wanting to be better, but not sure how to make it happen?

Speaking of consistency, The A-Game is really about applying pressure on the hard challenges. Putting action behind every goal. Making the art of growing all about strategic planning with tools.

Below is a list of 5 A-Gamers that can give you an inside look on Stylist Building:

You have to deliver out the results when it’s easier to shrug them off

You have to search for your own explanations even when you’re to accept the facts

You have to be accountable for your actions even when things go wrong.

You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you.

You have to be willing to do the hard work.

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The professional Brazilian keratin treatment gives your hair a fabulous gleaming texture. However, when you wash it a few times, it can look damaged and dry. This all can lead to the deterioration of hair texture.

Everything depends on the type of the used solution, iron temperature and natural hair texture. While a gorgeous and frizz-free hair has been reported after 6-8 months by some people, the others may feel their hair has become easier to break and worse after a month of treatment.

The main reason is probably the hot iron temperature. It is known to cause breakage and damage to your hair. 

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After Therapy Precautions

A great idea lies in washing your hair less often in order to maintain a great look. The results wash out. Do not expose your hair to high levels of salt or chlorine water. Cover your hair all the time when high UV levels are used. These factors will let you reduce the treatment lifespan. 

When you swim, wear a cap. The salt from oceans and swimming pools can destroy the effects of keratin treatment. If you do not have a cap, take a shower before swimming, soak your hair and comb it in the conditioner. It will be possible to fill porous strands with water and avoid chemical absorption. And the conditioner will add a protection level. 

Aftercare Keratin Shampoos

In after treatment months, use shampoos and conditioners which are free of sulfates and sodium. Purchase a special keratin aftercare shampoo to secure maximum longevity. It will complement the treatment. The results will last longer.

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Are there a lot of different gossips about your salon which have caused you to feel inconvenient? This all can be evaded.   

  1. Do not speak about your personal affairs in public

Being a professional, it is necessary to quickly understand that you are strongly not recommended to talk about your personal problems. This can strongly contribute to the process of saying gossips about you since there are people who feast off when they hear about other people’s problems. If you keep your life separate from business, you will be a success quicker. 

  1. Have people it is possible to trust in all situations

Some people cannot hold their emotions and need to talk to the others being full of them. These people always need someone to complain to. On the whole, they are emotionally unstable. Of course, if you speak about your personal problems all the time, gossips will be told about you. It is recommended to have a few close friends you can trust everything. Talk to them in any situation. They will always keep your problems a secret.    

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Follow the 4 steps below to successfully build a salon business.

  1. Working out irreproachable work ethics

Establishing comfortable work atmosphere from the very beginning entirely depends on you. It is necessary to strive for success and be an example for your employees. Be first to arrive at the salon and last to leave it. Try sacrificing your personal time and putting it into your development and work. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. They will help you improve your business and learn effectively. 

  1. Keep patience

Patience is extremely important especially when you re engaged in salon business. You will need a lot of patience opening a hair salon since it will take you a year to get a license. Patience is vitally necessary to build a solid business connected with cosmetology services. Be patient and you will get great dividends.

  1. Track all Numbers

Another important tip to be success in hair salon business lies in keeping track of all numbers. It is advised to track the number of regular and potential customers, new clients, partners and etc. Such a policy clearly reflects the strengths and weaknesses of your business.  

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